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Design your publication with advertising as the key drive

There are many silos in the digital space for website development and management. One department manages the creative appearance, another the front-end development, often another the backend integrations. Ad operation’s is brought in too late to make updates that are complementary to the overall revenue strategy.

If advertising generates the revenue for your website, the publication needs to be designed with advertising as a key drive.

Bringing in Ad Op’s and Tech Op’s early can increase your revenue potential by guiding each department towards optimal support of advertising platforms and advertising revenue.

Digital advertising technology has been evolving rapidly over the past five years. With the inception of online video, programmatic buying, mobile and responsive designs, technology providers have been quickly expanding their offerings to satisfy client needs.

Wired Carbon is able to offer strategic guidance in selecting a product, supporting thorough implementation and tail end management.

Key examples of project-based support Wired Carbon can provide include:

  • Website assessment
  • Code best practices
  • Layout advertising best practices
  • Ad server implementation best practices
  • Design consultation and best practices
  • Post launch support and troubleshooting
  • Creative product design
  • Creative product build
  • Creative product testing
  • Creative product deployment
  • Creative product rollout
  • DMP selection support
  • Online data collection assessment
  • Offline data collection assessment

Other services we provide:

There are unique solutions for each of our clients.

We will work with you to define your specific needs, and then develop the best plan to support your business.

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