Why Choose Us

1 Generate Income
We can help you identify and build new revenue streams and opportunities.

2 Save Time and Money
Keep your team lean and focused. Let us stay on top of emerging technologies and how to integrate them to grow your business.

3 Maximize Your Campaigns
Our expertise in all aspects of ad operations gives you the best strategic solutions.

Who We Are


Wired Carbon is a 360-degree digital media support team of experts providing innovative and tested solutions for all players in the digital media industry ‒ ranging from direct advertisers to premium, tier-one, international publishers. As the foundation for your digital media needs ranging from daily ad operations to fully integrated technology implementations, Wired Carbon strives to be the leading outsource ad operations solution in the world.

In a rapidly changing environment, where few have the skills to provide full-service support to publishers across the globe, Wired Carbon has assembled a key group individuals with more than a decade of experience, in ad operations, sales, web and technology development, to develop niche products and services, and provide operational excellence to meet clients’ needs.

Meet Our Executive Team