Wired Carbon is a 360-degree digital media support team of experts providing innovative and tested solutions for all players in the digital media industry ‒ ranging from direct advertisers to premium, tier-one international publishers.

As the foundation for digital media needs range from daily ad operations to fully integrated technology implementations, Wired Carbon strives to be the leading ad operations and tech operations support team in the world.

Wired Carbon is the only Canadian based re-seller of Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers with a North American license. Wired Carbon assists small to medium publishers gain access to DFP Premium at affordable rates which typically only large media companies access.

In a rapidly changing environment where few have the skills to provide full-service support to publishers across the globe, Wired Carbon has assembled a key group of individuals with more than a decade of experience in ad operations, sales, web and technology development. We cater our services and provide operational excellence.


Have you experienced the frustration of training and developing Ad Op’s staff only to have them leave to join another organization?
Is your digital ad operations department up to date with the latest technology in header bidding, display and video advertising? How about your programmatic advertising?
Are you maximizing your inventory yield and seeing an increase in ad revenue and operations efficiency?
Is your digital team starting to feel more like a farming ground for other companies?
If you answered yes to any of the above, Wired Carbon is the solution for you!

Generate Income

We can help you identify and build new revenue streams by working closely with you to understand your business and digital advertising strategy. Uncovering opportunities by introducing ways we can support your digital strategy and positioning

Save Time and Money

Let us stay on top of emerging technologies and integrate that tech to grow your business. Keep your team lean and focused.

Maximize Your Campaigns

Our expertise in all aspects of ad operations, internet advertising and programmatic delivery gives you senior support with a plethora of industry knowledge ultimately maximizing your campaign delivery, efficiency and revenue

There are unique solutions for each of our clients.

We will work with you to define your specific needs, and then develop the best plan to support your business.

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